Smile Changers Organic Charcoal Whitening Powder


Whiten your smile naturally and organically.

ORDER TODAY! Items will arrive within 5-7 days.


Whiten your smile naturally and organically.

Ingredients: Activated charcoal, ultra soft silicone, calcium carbonate, DL-menthol, stevioside

ORDER TODAY! Items will arrive within 5-7 days.


  • Wet your toothbrush well.
  • Place toothbrush on top of a napkin, piece of toilet paper, or paper towel.
  • Gently twist open your activated charcoal capsule.
  • Carefully empty activated charcoal powder onto toothbrush
  • Start brushing! It will be a little bit “powdery” at the beginning, but your saliva will soon take over and spread the powder everywhere. You could also add a small amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and dip into the charcoal powder if you prefer.
  • Gently brush for 3 to 5 minutes. Spit periodically into your cup, rather than sink. This will make clean up easier!
  • Rinse your mouth well with water. Be sure to brush your tongue too with water as it will be black
  • Clean any excess powder residue on your sink

How often do you use activated charcoal teeth whitening?

We recommend doing once daily, 3 days in a row.

For more deeply stained teeth, brush with activated charcoal 5 days in a row. Then don’t do again for a four months.

Because of its absorbent nature, it’s important to take activated charcoal 4 hours away from food, supplements, and prescriptions. It’s also not recommended as a daily supplement.


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